How to Make a Happy Birthday Video

Tricks on Creating Cool Birthday Video Greetings
Make a happy birthday video

Feeling uncomfortable about someone's birthday approaching, stuck in search of a perfect gift? The solution is surprisingly easy, off the beaten path and creative - a video with photos and clips, featuring the person. It will surely hit the nail on the head.

How to create a birthday video? No worries - you don't need to be a video montage guru or a designer. With SmartSHOW 3D, an easy-to-use movie maker, you will be able to create a video wishing happy birthday in a few clicks! Below, we gathered some ideas that you can use to make the best gift of the year for your special person.

Here’s our example of a personalized birthday video. To make it, we mixed short video clips and images, applied eye-catching animation and transitions effects, decorated some slides with animated cliparts, added suitable music and text captions. Watch it to get a bit of inspiration:
Happy Birthday Video Maker

How to Make a Birthday Video in a Minute

Want to make something like this and need a detailed text guide? Here are 5 quick steps for creating a cool video:

Step 1. Open SmartSHOW 3D

Run our happy birthday video maker. Pick the best mode: you can make a custom project from scratch or use a ready-to-go template as a base. You will find templates suitable for different birthday types: your dad, mom, best friend or child.

Pick a suitable template
Use a pre-made template to get a perfect base for your video

Step 2. Drop in Your Photos and Clips

Add your images and video clips. Select the beautiful ones that depict the birthday person and his or her important life events. Don’t just throw it all onto the storyboard: mix some contents into collages to make the slideshow look solid. If you are short on photos, look for happy birthday pictures in the Internet.

Add photos and video clips
There are plenty of templates for making various collages too

To make the video look bright and lively, add some animated happy birthday images. Try not to go over the top though, no one likes to watch a motley mess of pictures and music.

Step 3. Add Heartwarming Congratulations

Beautify your slides with stylized captions and texts. Add some funny quotes or gather happy birthday wishes from the person’s relatives. You can insert some slides with poetry as well.

Write your wishes
To make the slide look more lively, use Animated Text

Step 4. Funk Up Your Video With Music

This birthday video maker with songs has a vast music collection - over 200+ royalty free tracks for you to choose from. So pick the music that corresponds to the mood and events showed on this or that slide. Here’s some juicy happy birthday music for you to choose from.

Apply suitable music
Cut and move music tracks directly on the Timeline

Step 5. Create Your Happy Birthday Video

Once you’re done with editing, go to the Create tab. Here, select the desired format for your future video. You can make a video for Youtube or copy it to USB and play the video during the bday party.

Create your happy birthday slideshow
Making a video for social media and then sharing it with friends is a great idea

Now you know how to make a birthday video. Just 5 steps and you have a unique present! Don’t waste any more time on searching for a gift and get yourself our powerful birthday movie maker:

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Ready-to-Go Templates For a Happy Birthday Video

Need a bit more help to get started? Or are you extremely short on time? Then take a look at what this automatic slideshow maker has to offer - these four pre-made templates are suitable for making a birthday video card right on a fly:

Ready to create your slideshow? Just download SmartSHOW 3D and make a music video that will rock the birthday party!

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Birthday Video Ideas For Any Occasion

How to create a birthday video that will be remembered? You need to think about its idea and theme as well. It should be cool enough to be a real gift and fun enough not to get others asleep.

No need to worry, there are tons of options to pick from, depending on the occasion. Here are our top 5 birthday video ideas:

Video gift idea for parents

Video Gift for Your Mom or Dad

Members of our family are always special for us. That’s why we want their gift to be super awesome. Mix family pics and clips, add funny captions and stories, spice it up with animations to send them happy birthday video greetings. Make your mom or dad feel special!

Video invite idea

Party Invitation

Using our editor, you can make a video card to invite your friends to the party. Address the future guests and tell them about the location, date and time. Later, share this customized invitation via social media to make sure everyone sees it.

Life story recap idea for happy birthday video

Life Story Recap

If you want to make a gift for someone’s 40th or 50th birthday, then the best choice is to create a life story video devoted to important events. You can ask their friends and parents for help. Old photos from childhood and major milestones will touch everyone’s heart. This option also works for younger adults.

Interview video gift idea


If you are really talkative, try acting as a reporter while making a birthday video. Take a camera and a microphone and ask all the friends around what they think of the birthday person. They can share stories, tell compliments or jokes. Show the interviews at the party to have a good laugh.

Your better half gift idea

Gift for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Make a happy birthday video message for your beloved one. Show special moments in your relationship, your mutual achievements and, of course, express lots of love with stickers, GIF animations and sweet captions.

That’s some of our ideas for making a cool birthday video presentation. We hope they will help you create a sweet gift for such a special day and receive lots of thanks and warmth in return!

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