Wedding Anniversary Slideshow Ideas & Tips

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Wedding Anniversary Slideshow Ideas

A wedding anniversary day is just as significant as the wedding day itself, no matter for how long a couple has been together. Have you decided on what to present them for the 20th time? 30th? 50th? That’s a hard row to hoe!

If you’re lacking gift ideas consider making a wedding anniversary slideshow from the pictures capturing the most precious moments of that family life. From the guide below, you’ll learn how to create it. Besides that, we’ll show you a brilliant example of a parents’ anniversary slideshow.

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The Three Pillars of a Stunning Wedding Anniversary Slideshow

However, creating a good 50th wedding anniversary slideshow requires some preparations. Having got them done, you’ll make your movie in the blink of an eye. Let’s see what helps you to be at your best and how to get ready to start

1. The Best Photos

Choose the best photos for your wedding anniversary slideshow

Photographs are the base of a slideshow, and just like any other building the whole presentation depends on what foundation you choose. Make it a story! You surely have the wedding pictures – let it be the first chapter of your wedding anniversary book. Show the happy couple’s marriage bit by bit: how they bought a new house for the two of them, how proud he looked when she gave birth to their first child, how they have been carrying their love and trust through the life.

2. Animation Effects

Add suitable transitions for your wedding anniversary slideshow

What differs a photo slideshow from a traditional photo album? It’s the way pictures blend into a lively movie! You don’t have to turn the pages – just look at the screen while one slide is changing another in an eye-catching way, and enjoy watching. To animate your photo presentation, use 3D-effects and slide transitions. Pick them carefully, don’t overuse them, limit yourself to one or two types and avoid making your slideshow too dynamic and dizzying. Remember, it’s a life-long love story, let it keep going on easily and smoothly.

3. Sentimental Words & Music

Apply sentimental music to your wedding anniversary slideshow

Make your wedding anniversary slideshow speak and sing and it will gain everyone’s total attention. Such gift will certainly touch the celebrants to the bottom of their hearts! Find the warmest words and quotes or make your own poems. You know what tunes are special for the family? Add one or two to the slideshow. Don’t select too slow songs because they can sing the viewers to sleep. You don’t have to use the whole track. Also, you can mix several tunes if you like.

How about getting some inspiration? Watch the video below - it showcases wedding anniversary slideshow templates that make a cute presentation. These styles are absolutely easy to use even for newbies, make sure of it right away!
Wedding anniversary slideshow templates

Ready to find out if your creativity has any limits? Keep on reading to learn step by step how to create an outstanding present for a wedding anniversary that suits anyone and will never fade, and get started!

Step 1 – Create Romantic Titles

Create the first and the last pages of this marriage book. Find a themed image, prettify it with romantic cliparts, and write in some information about your presentation – its name, the cast of characters, its epilogue or the story to be continued. Generally speaking, engage your imagination. Take a humorous approach and don’t make your wedding anniversary slideshow overdramatic – let the viewers smile.

Add titles to your wedding anniversary slideshow

Step 2 – Insert Suitable Images

Get all the photos you have found together. Are some of them printed? Well, it’s no problem, scan them and use the images like digital ones. Add the photos to the chosen templates, it takes just a double-click of your mouse. Opt for a photo collage to show the friends and the rest of the family and let the celebrant couple be the central figures of the slide – they deserve it. Keep the flow of pictures consistent with the storyline you have composed.

Add photos to your wedding anniversary slideshow

Step 3 – Add Music & Text Captions

It’s high time to romanticize your movie. Human memory can bring back a lot from the past, but the capacity of music to recall even small details is beyond competition. That very track for the first dance, for the first kiss, for the proposal moment – is there anything more sentimental for lovers all over the world? Apply the meaningful tunes to the slideshow and bring happy tears to their faces. You can import them easily from your computer. And don’t forget to type touching messages that tell this fascinating Love Story to everyone.

Apply sound effects and text captions to your wedding anniversary slideshow

Step 4 – Set the Transitions

Animation effects play the crucial role in the whole photo presentation. What would you prefer watching – a coherent narration shown by slides altering in a stylish way or a crazy mess made of your photographs? Despite the wide animations choice, try limiting your selection to 1 to 3 slide transitions to make your wedding anniversary slideshow easily comprehensible.

Add slide transitions to your wedding anniversary slideshow

Step 5 – Save Your Fabulous Movie

So, your project is all ready now and the last thing is to be done – create a video. Preview the slideshow once again to make corrections or adjustments if needed. You are just one click away from the heartfelt treat to the big date. A wedding anniversary slideshow is not only a unique present – we bet it will become the headline of the evening. Share it both with the occasion heroes and their guests!

Convert your wedding anniversary slideshow to a video

Do you like the fruits of your labor? Then challenge your artistry and make a video greeting card for other celebrations in a few minutes. Enjoy being creative with SmartSHOW 3D!

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