Christening Slideshow for Your Little One

Celebrate this important milestone with a sweet video

Have you just christened your child and want to commemorate this moment? There is no better way to do that than with a baptism slideshow. You can send this lovely video to those relatives who weren’t able to attend the ceremony or even keep this slideshow tucked on your hard drive or cloud storage to show it to your child when they are old enough. Wonder what such a video slideshow could look like? Here’s an example for you:

Family Tree slideshow example

Love what you see? This video was created using SmartSHOW 3D. This slideshow maker is a wonderful tool for making pro-looking videos for all your family occasions. There are numerous ready-made templates that make slideshow creation a 5-minute job. If you have more time to spend and a lot of ideas to fulfill, then you’ll love the creative freedom SmartSHOW 3D gives with its custom animation module, tons of easy-to-use effects, and other decorations. Just hit the button below to start your free trial of this slideshow maker to see it all for yourself.

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Ready to create a lovely video with pictures from your little one’s own christening reception? Then let’s see how you can do it with SmartSHOW 3D.

How to Make a Slideshow for Christening

Since a christening is a very gentle and beautiful ceremony, the video you create should match it. This is how you can make it happen.

Step 1. When you start SmartSHOW 3D, you’ll be given a few options. First off, you can go with a professionally-made template. This will help you create a video in under five minutes. Then, there is the Slideshow Wizard that is similar to using a template, but this option gives you more creative freedom. And finally, you can opt to choosing a blank project.

Step 2. It is now time to add the pictures from your baby’s baptism to the project. You can only use the photos of your little one or pics of all the family members who were present. If you want to add a bit of zest to the images, make sure to stylize them with built-in graceful filters.

Step 3. Your baptism photo slideshow absolutely needs to have music. You can accompany your video with a religious or instrumental piece from your own library. Alternatively, you can go with a tune from the software’s library. SmartSHOW 3D has over 200 royalty-free tracks to choose from.

Step 4. Once you are through with your baptism video, it’s time to export it. There are numerous options and you should choose one depending on how you are going to show your creation. You can post it on your social media, burn it to a DVD to mail it to distant relatives, or save your slideshow as a video for TV to watch it during some family gathering.

Create a Christening photo slideshow with music
Cherish the memory of a christening ceremony with a slideshow

If you take your family’s faith seriously, then baptism is a really important step in your baby’s life. So the chances are you’ll have a lot of photos from the ceremony. Just take them and create a christening slideshow. This way you’ll have the memory of this beautiful moment saved forever in a visually stunning way.

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