"Happy Birthday, Mom" Slideshow Template

“Happy Birthday, Mom” slideshow template for SmartSHOW 3D software will help you compose the sweetest love letter to the person who gave you life. Wish your mother a happy birthday with a touching and utterly tender video. With this stylepack, it will be a five-minute job.


More about this lovely slideshow template

This graceful template is as pretty as a flower and as fresh as a summer breeze. It is filled with smooth animations, gorgeous decorations, and beautiful backgrounds. The stylepack can fit 28 pictures and videos and has text placeholders for you to write down your warm wishes.

Festive slideshow template for mom's birthday

So how do you create a sweet slideshow for your mom’s big day? The process is simple. Start with downloading this style pack. Next, open it within SmartSHOW 3D, and just add your favourite pictures of your mother. You can use her current photos or go with those that depict her in her youth with the little you in her lap. Finally, compose and type in your texts. Your video gift is done.


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