"Flower Waltz" Slideshow Template

The "Flower Waltz" template for SmartSHOW 3D features a fresh spring-inspired design that will look great with female portraits. It's your perfect choice for presenting pictures from a family photoshoot, creating happy birthday videos and Mother's Day slideshows.


More about this slideshow template

The slides have a clean and delicate design, styled as watercolor artwork. The designer used elegant picture frames with floral décor along with animated fresh leaves and spring blossoms to give your photos a magical feel. There are also 2 title slides that you can use for a video postcard.

'Flower Waltz' slideshow template

How to make your own "Flower Waltz" slideshow? It's as easy as pie. Download the template and add it to your SmartSHOW 3D software. Make sure to install the caption fonts that come inside the archive. Now, just add your best pictures, and replace the default text on the intro and the final slide. Pick a soundtrack - there are over 200 to choose from in the built-in music collection. That's all - your creation is ready to share with your loved ones!


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