"The Dance" - Classy Slideshow Templates

"The Dance" template pack was made to showcase all things beautiful - like the ballet dancers in the demo video. You can use it to create a memorable photo movie of your daughter's dance classes, an original promo video for your studio, or perhaps a macro photography slideshow featuring your summer shots.


More about this collection

These classy slide styles were developed by a professional artist who is also into the art of slideshow. The author used light and delicate colors to create an ethereal, fairy-like design. The moderate pace of the slideshow and subtle animations leave sufficient time for the viewers to examine every picture.

'The Dance' - classy slideshow templates

The templates let you create dozens of unique projects of your own. They are incredibly easy to use - you just need to load them into your SmartSHOW 3D software and add your images. All the animations and embellishments are already there. As for the music, you can pick an instrumental piece from the built-in software collection, or use a track of yours. Try this stylepack and enjoy creating beautiful things!


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