"Sports Team" Slideshow Template

The "Sports Team" template for SmartSHOW 3D software works well for displaying photos of football, basketball, baseball, and other team sports. It's a perfect choice for fans who want to show off the accomplishments of their favorite team. The template will also come in handy for sports event photographers and for parents whose kids play for a school or college team.


More about this slideshow template

The stylepack features 13 animated slide templates, including slides with photo collages and text placeholders. There are places to type the team name, game venue, slogans, supportive messages, as well as a few words about each player and their awards. Textured grayscale backdrops match photos of any color scheme without being distracting.

'Sports Team' slideshow template

How to make a slideshow featuring your favorite team? It’s as easy as ABC with pre-made templates! First, download this stylepack and open it within SmartSHOW 3D software. Then, add your photos and videos from sporting events. Make sure to replace the default text with encouraging phrases. Pick an upbeat tune from the built-in collection of 200+ soundtracks, or load one from your personal music library. Finally, save the slideshow in your preferred format - video for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TV, DVD, or smartphone.


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