"Pet Slideshow" Template

The "Pet Slideshow" template for SmartSHOW 3D will help you honor your beloved pet. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rat, or even a pet alligator - this stylepack will turn your furry or leathery buddy’s pictures into an awesome movie in a snap.


More about this slideshow template

This pet slideshow template was inspired by our love for animals and the popular cartoon franchise about mischievous pets. The stylepack features 14 dynamic slides, brightly-colored backgrounds, engaging animation effects, and eye-catching transitions. It can fit up to 40 pictures, so if you have multiple pets, everyone is sure to get a bit of spotlight.

Pet slideshow template

Want to know how to create a pawsome slideshow with your pets’ images? Well, it is a five-minute job thanks to this template. First, you need to download this stylepack to your PC. Next step is to open it with SmartSHOW 3D. Now, add all the pictures of your pet you want to feature in your video. Go with silly and goofy images or with refined and graceful portraits. Add a few voice comments to the timeline - these could be stories behind some of the most hilarious pics or just a recount of your pet’s silliest shenanigans. Finally, pick the video type to share your slideshow - you can play it on your TV, iPhone or iPad, or make a Web-ready video for Facebook or Instagram!


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