"Our Best Moments" - Family Photo Slideshow

These animated slideshow templates will help you organize your treasured family pictures in a modern way. They're perfect for making a "year in review" slideshow or a family reunion video.


More about these templates

Planning to put together a family photo slideshow? Want to know how to make it real fun to watch? Then take a look at "Our Best Moments" video! Dynamic collages, themed backgrounds and wise quotes - that's what makes it special. Inside this template pack, you'll find a series of slides dedicated to different seasons - so it'll be easy to organize your best pictures taken throughout the year.

Family photo slideshow template

Can't wait to try out this pack? Then, download the templates to your SmartSHOW 3D and get started. Basically, you just need to choose your photos for each collage and add a soundtrack. But you're also welcome to customize the slides as you like - for example, replace the quotes with your own captions or comments. When you're done, pick the type of video you need for the event - HD, DVD, mobile-ready etc. You can also make a video for the Web and share your family photo slideshow with your Facebook friends.


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