"Once Upon a Time" Slideshow Template

The "Once Upon a Time" template for SmartSHOW 3D is perfect for a family memories slideshow, an anniversary tribute, a retro-style "love story" video, and any other occasion when you want to recall the precious moments of the days gone by.


More about this slideshow template

The slides are presented in the form of an old photo album with faded pages - they turn as you watch the slideshow, with graceful transition effects revealing the pictures. The designer used vintage style embellishments like old travel tickets, suitcase stickers, postage stamps to create that dreamy time-travel feeling.

'Once Upon a Time' slideshow template

How to make a movie like this from your own pictures? First, download the template and load it into your SmartSHOW 3D software. Make sure to install the handwrittten font for slide captions - you'll find it inside the archive. Then add your photos and video clips, and replace default texts with names and dates to tell your story. Pick a soundtrack from the built-in music collection - there are plenty of nostalgic tunes there. Finally, export the slideshow in your preferred format - video for TV, YouTube, Facebook, or create a DVD to add to your family video archive.


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