Classic Effects for Photo Slideshow

Want some fresh out-of-the-box effects for your photo slideshows? We bet you'll love the Classic Effects pack presented in this video. It features an array of captivating animations that will take your creative projects to a professional level. Perfectly suitable for any kind of slideshow!

$ 12.95

More about these slideshow effects

The Classic Effects pack comprises a mix of versatile animations: tinted blinds, flashes & glows, recursion, grid of tints, optical illusions and other impressive effects. The designer used the play of light and shades to create photo-focused animations. They'll add some thrill to your show without distracting the viewers from the pictures.

Classic effects for photo slideshow

To start using this pack, install the effects to your SmartSHOW 3D. You'll find them all in the Animation tab under 3D-effects. Now, just drag & drop the effects to your slides! If you need some help while working on your slideshow, drop a note to our support team - they're always there to help.

$ 12.95

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