"Back to School" Slideshow Template

The "Back to School" template for SmartSHOW 3D software lets you showcase your kids' school pictures in a captivating way. It will be a great help to teachers and parents who wish to create a "back to school" or "end of the year" slideshow.


More about this slideshow template

The stylepack features 12 animated slide templates - there are two title slides, nine slides for pictures (both horizontal and vertical shots will fit), and one slide for a video clip. Inside the pack, you'll also find a themed chalkboard script font.

'Back to School' slideshow template

How do you make your own slideshow using this template? Easy as ABC! First, download the template pack and add it to your SmartSHOW 3D. Don't forget to install the school-themed font that comes with the pack. Then, add your kids' school pictures and videos. Make sure to type your own captions on the title slides. Pick a cheerful tune - choose one of 200+ tracks from the built-in music collection or load one from your computer. Save the video - now, it's ready to share with all the kids, parents and teachers!


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