50th Birthday Slideshow Templates

The 50th birthday slideshow templates for SmartSHOW 3D presented in this video will help you create a thoughtful surprise for someone special in your life. Your video will become another gift for the celebrant and a point of interest for the birthday party guests. In fact, you can use these templates to create a slideshow for any other milestone birthday - 30, 40, 60, 70, or any year in between!

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More about these birthday slideshow templates

The 50th birthday slideshow is a wonderful way to look back upon the person's life, recall the sweetest moments and celebrate the achievements. Our slideshow template lets you show the celebrant's life story with all the key milestones - childhood, student years, wedding, kids etc. The designer used stylized backgrounds, "old film strip" picture frames, vintage photo filters and typography to create that nostalgic look and feel.

50th Birthday slideshow templates

To make your own milestone birthday slideshow with our templates, first load them to your SmartSHOW 3D. Then add pictures from your photo archive that show the celebrant from past till present, so they make up a story. Most of the slides also have text holders for you to add important dates, captions, birthday wishes or quotes. Finally, add a lyrical soundtrack to add to the nostalgic mood. Your happy birthday video is ready!

$19.95 $11.97

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