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Wendy Brighton (Toronto, Canada)

I shoot weddings for a living, and often make wedding and love story slideshows for my clients. I used to do that with Windows Movie Maker, but then I came across SmartSHOW 3D and realized the immense potential of photo slideshow. This software now helps me do incredible things with my photos. Lots of thanks from happy clients!

Benny Knoxville (Houston, USA)

I've been making slideshows for quite a long time and tried a lot of software, and now I'm comfortable with SmartSHOW 3D. It's really a top-notch program, works perfectly. You get all you need for work – transitions, effects, titles etc., and they look beautiful, so a big thank you to the developers. Before I forget, tech support replies fast enough and the answers are very clear, that helped me a lot in learning the stuff. Wish you luck!

Joanna Rosenberg (Tennessee, USA)

I can tell you that SmartSHOW is the real deal. I wanted to make a photo movie for my mom's birthday and looked for an easy slideshow maker. With SmartSHOW I was able to create a great slideshow in approx. 10 minutes, including effects and music! You don't have to be a computer geek to work with this app, it's plain easy, I think even my granny would learn how to work with it. Five stars to the developers!

Toni Webber (Exeter, UK)

I love making movies from our family and travel photos. Have tried a number of slideshow makers, but this one is something special. All kinds of fascinating effects and animation, music and voiceover, and excellent quality video in the end! Never thought I'd learn to make SUCH movies myself one day.

Steve Harris (Birmingham, UK)

Recently I had to make a slideshow for a family celebration. At first I thought I'd hire a freelancer but then I came across SmartSHOW app, and it turned out that making a slideshow can be really entertaining and easy! With the effects and carefully chosen music our family photos looked truly amazing, everybody loved it. Many thanks to the developers of this great program!

Udo Dirkschneider (Stuttgart, Germany)

I work in photo business, and to my mind SmartSHOW 3D is the best app to build a portfolio for photography. It's really easy to master it in a short time, and it' got all the effects I need. What I like most is the quick export and lots of formats supported, it saves my time and produces high-quality HD slideshows. I really couldn't ask for a better!

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