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Susan Bandow (Toronto, Canada)

Thank you for making such awesome software. I'm creating a video for my Mom for Mother's Day to surprise her. I'm an artist, also learning video editing, and this helps a ton without having a complicated piece of software! Keep the goodies coming!

Mauro Bologna (Rome, Italy)

I recently bought this to make presentations with photos and music because I like photography. Great piece of software with many different templates. Exceptionally easy to use, and very reasonably priced. Backup is excellent, high quality video output. 2 thumbs up!

Denis Bergeron (Exeter, UK)

Very satisfied because it replaces ProShow Producer that I had before and which has stopped since January 31, 2020. SmartSHOW 3D made me forget it! Your software has practically everything an enthusiast like me would love to have. Tons of options and excellent tutorials. Together with kids we make lovely video greeting cards with our photos and your decoration themes.

Yotam Tel Zur (Birmingham, UK)

I have been an Oracle employee for 20 years, working with many applications. I used to work with hi-end software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, but I'm finding it a bit buggy and crashing for no reason. SmartShow 3D is an excellent software. It has surprised me and exceeded my expectations. I used it to do free promotion videos and everybody is happy with the results.

Stephen Jones (Tennessee, USA)

I must admit that the software is great. It is spectacular and wonderful software, a professional tool even for newbies like me. I used it an uncountable number of times in my (currently being worked on) 10 minutes presentation. What I really like is how easy it is to use to produce a truly magnificent video clip from my photos.

Christiane Gautier (Paris, France)

I am still a young amateur (have been using SmartSHOW 3D for 15 days). I first tested it and then bought the license because I liked it so much. Such powerful slideshow software yet very easy to use. And a big plus, the assistance is very competent, very attentive to the customers. You get answers which are very clear and well explained.

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